Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Freedom of Forfeiture; Lightens the Soul and Enhances Wi-Fi Connection

Surviving on a pro-longed sentence
And paying 
Penance in pocket change 
To repair some wrong-doing, 
Wrought with freedom,
And the painstaking task
Of untying knots, and unlocking
A precious lesson sought, 
In each maneuver
But we cannot
Live forever,
On a diet of kicks and chocolate
Fast food snacks, and 
Televised road trips
But let me have this temporary fix,
Feeling the fine hairs
On the edge of your neck 
Prickle up
Against my finger tips
And sparkling
In the light
Of another day spent
Whatever it is
That bends the knees of our dreams
Which grow humbler 
By each nick
Carved in the plastic 
Shellacked furniture we recycle from
Others like us.

On the plexi-particle board bed,  
I curl my knees to my chest
Tilting the tip of my vertebrae,
Like a cat, until the curve of
My back 
Arcs up 
To touch the belly of the Sunday moon
Whose blue light blinks midnight
And wraps around me
(And you)
Like an ethereal diving bell;
Heavy as our minds, 
And the story it tells
Of a time existing 
In the far future;
Though an arm and lash
Presently remain,
We strain and divide every moment
Into here and
The Somewhere Else, we always 
Envision ourselves.