Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Love has been transferred,
Though the shadows and echoes 
Of love burned over white snow, 
Leaves a trail of ashes;
When it melts,  so shall it be
Swept into the earth and sea,
And reside there, permanently.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Sea weeds dancing  
Eels like disembodied limbs preying on
Abandoned ego dreams; 
The Ancient Gnarled Bones of giant stillborn beasts;
Crooked frames of scabby steel;
Slimy, bloated wood, aging quietly
Deep beneath the current line, 
Slicing the horizon with the pulse of the tide--I died
I died, then born anew
A tail, legs, and claws grew; crawled to escape the bed
Of frothing shores that crept 
Across the lacquered mire;
Silky sands to hide its grainy tongue
Of singular desire.