Sunday, May 19, 2013

Blues Haiku

The heat from your mouth
The heat from your mouth
Near the tip of my lashes
Holding my breath, I try not to move
(try not to move)
I believe in ghosts now
Because of you.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oberon's Lover

If I prayed for love in every language
it would sound the same
to the one whose name
I call in vain.
And if one day he did answer me,
I'd gaze into the sun-painted face
of the fairy king.
Then off we'd fly,
to his great empire,
where the air is perfumed with petrichor;
There I'd reside,
in my new home of soil and sky;
and be crowned Queen of the Trees,
Of nightingales, ant hills, and ivy-tangled trails—
and there he would love me,
 'til my mortal body did bind
with the grass and the leaves,
and all living things;
My gift of flesh to fertilize 
His lush kingdom;
So that when he'd look upon it,  he would look upon me—
and love everything.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Every stich and song and nursery rhyme

Sterilized by
Colonial perversions
Genetically altering;
Carved on stone
Printed on parchment
Etched on silicone—
Every stich and song and nursery rhyme

Thick brush and tall woods 
Lay natural 
No one to blame
For being left
With the smaller side—
Light a match, 
So it all
Turns flat

every stich and song and nursery rhyme

draw on 
cave walls 
our bodies, our own
this time.