Monday, April 29, 2013

What Happens Next

they rush because they're always in a hurry
especially when they get close to, or into their thirties;
drones reading time through their emails
or newspapers, receipts, and credit card bills;
through eggshell walls, "get married, have kids" She says
And so they do--but WAIT! I don't think I like this anymore!
when women wish upon a star
for happily-ever-after divorces;
they leave golems behind 
who always find girlfriends, 
ripe at twenty-five
to start again—"before you're too old and fat," She says.
But here, if you want something done and you need it done fast,
you wait in line with the rest
at the drive thru—open all night (bitching and moaning the whole time
while your muffler blows exhaust
into some stranger's lungs)
to find someone who makes you want to be
the better version of you,
and not someone who just tells you to.

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